Arts & Crafts

At Pottersway House, we strongly value cherishing every moment in life. That’s why we’re passionate about providing engaging and diverse activities for our residents to enjoy daily. One such activity involves unleashing creativity through fun arts and crafts classes.

Engaging in creative pursuits as we age brings notable physical, emotional and social benefits. That’s why we prioritise supporting our residents and offering them innovative and enjoyable experiences in every aspect of their lives.

Creativity Waits For No One

At Pottersway House, we strive to foster creativity in every possible way. Whether residents participate in arts and crafts classes in our communal spaces or find inspiration in our beautiful garden, creativity is encouraged throughout our community. We enjoy creating outdoor art pieces using natural materials, which adorn our garden beautifully throughout the year. These materials are also used for crafting artwork, pressed flowers, festive wreaths, and even bird feeders.

Personalised Care in a Welcoming Environment

Pottersway House Care Home offers a haven for those seeking exceptional care and a warm, welcoming environment. We cater to individual needs through a range of services like Residential Care and Dementia Care, and personalised care plans to ensure resident well-being.

Residents at Pottersway House enjoy an engaging lifestyle. We offer a diverse activities program, encourage community integration through outings, and empower residents to make choices about their daily lives. We believe in building meaningful connections and creating a vibrant community where everyone can thrive.

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